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Lady accepts as boyfriend proposes with diamond ring and Toyota Venza (Photos/Video)



A young Nigerian lady has gotten a romantic proposal from her boyfriend which she loved so much.

The man asked for her hand in marriage with a diamond engagement ring and a Toyota Venza as a proposal gift.

He took her out for lunch and popped the four-word question to her before they ordered their meals.

A video making the rounds online shows the moment she was displaying the engagement ring as he held her hand on the table and she reaffirmed her love for him.

There was a part where someone was using a diamond tester pen to confirm if it is an original stone.

Another part of the clip showed when she was inside the car sitting in the driver’s seat as the new owner.

She also posed with the whip, a bouquet of flowers that accompanied the car and a framed love note.

Watch the video below:

In similar news, a Nigerian man was moved to emotions when his Kenyan girlfriend surpised him with a proposal and gift.

The lady proposed to him with a brand new car and a video capturing the lovely moment has gone viral on social media. She made adequate preparations to water the ground and give him no reason to decline her request.

The lady could be seen going down on her knee just beside the ride while holding a ring in her hand. She showed the love of her life the keys to the car, and begged him to accept her marriage proposal.

He was so overwhelmed with emotions and tried to hold back tears but it just came flowing down his cheeks. The young man eventually stretched out his hand for his Kenyan babe to put the engagement ring on his finger.

When the proposal was done, the couple hopped into the new whip, locked lips and took it for a spin around the city. The man was still a bit taken aback by the events of the day as seen when they entered the car, but the woman looked happy.