Peter Obi, the presidential candidate for the Labour Party, responded to Rabiu Kwankwaso’s assertion that “certain challenges” in the South-East of the nation will prevent Northerners from voting for him in the 2023 presidential election.


In an interview with Arise TV, Obi said that Kwankwaso’s remark was the cause of Nigeria’s high rate of out-of-school youth and its 100 million poor citizens.

He added that this assertion is the reason Nigerians have continually chosen incompetence over skill based on rudimentary ethnic and religious distinctions.

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Obi also made the point that there is instability throughout the entire nation, not only in the Southeast.

Obi said;

“The comment by the elder brother Kwankwaso is the reason why we have 100 million Nigerians living in poverty, 18 million Nigerian children out of school and about 52% of Nigerians either unemployed or under employed , because rather than vote for competent leaders, we will rather vote for incompetence due to a primitive belief of religion and ethnicity.

Tell me, today you can’t travel from abuja to kaduna by road or rail, is it because someone from the south east is in charge ? You can’t travel to Minna by road, is because someone from the south east is in charge? Yesterday we had an attack by bandits on the presidential convoy, in Katsina, is it because someone from the south east is in charge? Show me where people are prospering in the north or south? What we have consistently done in this country is to hire vehicle drivers to fly airplanes as pilots instead of hiring qualified pilots.

We have a huge problem and if you don’t know, this country will soon default on their debt servicing, schools are shut down, insecurity is everywhere, Nigeria is in a coma and when you are in a coma all you want is to survive, irrespective of where the surgeon who will keep you alive comes from “