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Early in the morning when I was in school today, teachers, friends, proprietor and proprietress were all around. When the assembly was finished and students got into their different classes.


On getting to their classes, one of s.s.s 2 teacher called his students out and told them to start picking the whole compound,

theythey a that “uncle while early in the morning and are we the seniors supposed to be the one picking the compound for our Junior ones”? He smiled and immediately put on an un-friendly face.

He said that since they can not control their Junior ones to pick the school compound then they will be the one to pick the whole compound. They began to pick and went to throw it into the dustbin. 

When they washed our hands and wanted to go back into our classroom, he called a boy that where are the dirts you picked?

The boy answered and said “i have gone and throw it into the dustbin”. He told the boy that see a sheet of paper on the road to s.s.s 1 classroom and you said you have picked dirt,

common go and pick that sheet of paper. The boy just walked passed the s.s.s 1 classroom and entered his own classroom.

The teacher now called him back and said that he should serve a punishment and he began to flog him.

The principal came out and said why are you giving that boy punishment? The teacher explained his own side of the story.

The boy now explained that s.s.s 1 class were sweeping their class when the sheet of paper fled out of their class that was why I didn’t pick it, I told the class to sweep it among the one they were sweeping.

The principal now pleaded with the teacher to leave the boy alone and he did so.

Since that day, that boy hated his teacher.

Please if you were the father, mother, brother and sister to that boy, what would you have done in the school the following day?

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