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Keke rider uses technology to sensitize passengers about Peter Obi



A man who rides keke napap for a living has revealed that he is a supporter of the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, and he employs a technological method of promoting his candidate.

David Okon Samuel said he uses a smartphone to project the achievements of Obi to passengers as part of his own sensitization campaign.

He said that he had to buy a 6.8 inches mobile device, on which he downloaded videos and photos.

He said that he mounted the phone in the driver’s area and he shows interviews granted by the former governor of Anambra state.

According to David, he carries an average of 2000 passengers per month and for each trip, he displays the photos and videos of Obi.

The young man uploaded a series of photos to Twitter and it showed him with the customised phone sitting comfortably in front of him with photos of Obi and his vice-presidential candidate, Yusuf Datti Baba Ahmed.

He wrote; ”@PeterObi on transit. As a Keke rider, I carry more than 100 passengers per day, which means in a month more than 2,000 passengers enter my Keke, so i begin to think of a creative and easy way to educate my passengers about the forth coming general election.

Starting from #RegisterToVote #CollectYourPVC4Obi, since I drive more than 14 hours a day, I decided to buy 6.8 inches phone which I fix in front of my Keke, I download videos and photos of my candidate and the #obidientmovement which I display it on standby.

Each Trip I load is 25 minutes, If passengers stare at my candidate @PeterObi and my party @NgLabour for good 25 minutes you know what that means, I get into their minds and memory, I want them to also have a view of my vibrant candidate.

Some days I play most of @PeterObi interview videos, I also changed the screen photos to different backgrounds, passengers always engage me why I support Mr peter obi and i give them valuable reasons, using this technology help me to gut cost of marketing my candidate.”