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Katy Faust Places Children before Adults and Their Leftist Ideologies



After Katy Faust‘s parents divorced, she split time between the home of her father and the home of her mother who had repartnered with a woman. Now a Christian mother of four children married to a church pastor, Faust has become a unique voice in advocating children’s rights to be raised by their biological mother and father as opposed to being commodified as designer babies through various means such as surrogacy for gay and other couples. Faust has founded the exceptionally well-researched organization Them Before Us, which, as documented in the eponymous companion book, clearly and conclusively makes the case for upholding natural marriage and the natural family under law. Among other matters, Faust joined Conservative Casual Friday show host Andrew E. Harrod to discuss the numerous myths surrounding the modern “loves make a family” ideology.