Instagram blog, Cutie Juls alleged that after Jane Mena and the herbalist fell out of their alliance, she was not able to reverse the spell she casted on Jane Mena’s husband due to how strong the spell was.

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“World people wee say if you heard about the bottle wey mamalawo helped J the twerker put Oga Plies inside that year eehn, you go know sey this mamalawo dey deserve award.

Even after Mamalawo fell out J because of T… Still Mamalawo herself couldn’t free Oga Plies cuz the sea wey them throw way Oga Piles bottle, deep wella😩😩😩

Sons of Adam… pele 😩😩🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️”

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This comes barely 48 hours after Jane Mena called out her sister on social media for describing her husband, Plies, as her ‘bestie’.

Jane’s sister known as Zee wrote a Christmas letter to Jane Mena’s husband in a card and Jane shared the content of the letter with her fans on Instagram. In the letter, Zee expressed her love for Mr Plies and referred to him as her bestie who she is well pleased with.

Reacting to this, Jane Mena warned her sister to be careful as she is using her husband as bestie.

The letter reads,

“Dear plies. My bestie in whom I am well pleased. This year was a tough one but we scaled through. You are one of a kind as I would always say.

Thank you for the amazing trips and gifts over the years. I will repay you when I’m a billionaire. I love you so much and Merry Christmas. With lots of love”.