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James Brown’s dad showers prayers on her after receiving iPhone 13 from him



Nigerian crossdresser, James Brown has shared his father’s reaction to receiving an expensive phone from him.

The self acclaimed Princess of Africa said he bought an iPhone 13 for his dad sometime back and ever since then, the man has been sending him messages to appreciate the gift.

James Brown revealed that his dad somehow created a Snapchat account to his surprise and has been giving him updates about the functionality of the phone.

The drag queen shared an audio clip of his dad praying for him and saying that he is enjoying the smartphone, which he did not expect to get.

James found it unbelievable that his father was able to know about Snapchat and he figured out how to navigate through the social media platform. He thought that somebody must have taught the man how to use the platform.

Watch video below:

CorrectNG reported earlier that the crossdresser who was born, James Obialor, said he is providing ultimate entertainment to Nigerians.

The self-acclaimed Princess of Africa said that without his online content which dwells on his daily activities as a drag queen, Nigeria would be ‘dulling’.

James stated this while featuring on Frankly Speaking Podcast where he engaged in a debate with the hosts.

He criticised Nigerians for purportedly having issues with accepting crossdressers as part of the society even as citizens say they want things to change.

But one of the co-anchors spoke defensively about people seeing what he does as something weird, hence why they might not be comfortable or willing to accept his way of life.

But the Instagram Influencer argued that Nigeria is backward and anybody who shares that sentiment against queer people abroad would be deported.

The presenter said that what matters is the demographic, James is cashing out from, which is Nigeria, so that is the focus of their discussion.

He, however, added that all he does is helping Nigerians to clear their frustration and depression caused by the hardship.