Award-winning Ghanaian songstress, Wendy Shay has taken a walk into her past as she recalls the hell she went through in the hands of Ghanaians after she was unveiled the new artiste under Rufftown Records.


Wendy Shay said in a recent interview captured on that she was introduced to Ghanaians by record label boss, Bullet shortly after Ebony’s death.

According to her, Ghanaians were extremely hurt by Ebony’s death and see her in the record label, led to hatred harbored in the minds and hearts of Ghanaians especially fans of Ebony who died mysteriously during a gory car accident.

The ‘Bedroom Commando’ singer intimated that Ghanaians thought she was coming to take the place of Ebony so they hated her and she received numerous messages from unknown people threatening to end her life.

She said that those times were very hard living considering the fact that many people did not want to buy what she tried to sell, however, her first commercial song was a success.

“I received death threats in my DM. They say I was coming to take the place of their favourite artiste and they won’t let that happen”

“It was really hard, it was hard. It was just like they didn’t want you to make the world know what you have.

“In Ghana, if you are doing something and it’s really nice, they don’t want to applaud you for it because it’s beyond imagination. Because when you look at my story, my first song was a hit. Things like these have never happened”.