Grammy award-winning artist and afrobeat artist Damini Ogulu known as Burna Boy has revealed that he has been planning to fight Shatta Wale since last year January.


This revelation from Burna Boy comes after the African Giant responded to the rantings of Shatta Wale over their inability of Nigerian artists to support Ghanaian artists as they do. Burna Boy responded to Shatta Wale and slammed him over his comment.

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Shatta Wale accepted the challenge thrown by Burna Boy to meet and battle each other. Shatta Wale chose the Accra Stadium as the venue to battle lyrically with Burna Boy, however, the African Giant has fired back saying he is not interested in battling lyrically with Shatta Wale but rather beat him up.

Burna Boy also reminded Shatta Wale how he knew he had always wanted to start a fight with him since last year January after their friendship crashed.

“This guy thinks I have time. Shatta wale this ain’t 8 mils. No be rap battle. it’s a fist battle. the type real men do. We can do it anywhere you want. Behind closed doors or in the stadium for the world to see. Stop acting like you don’t know I’ve been trynna set this up since January last year”.

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