Nigerian female jockey and music enthusiast, DJ Switch has taken to social media to speak on her asylum expedition in Canada following the bloody massacre in Lekki last year.


You would recall that on October 20, 2020, DJ Switch filmed the massacre that took place in massacre when armed military men opened fire on unarmed EndSARs protesters in the evening.

Since the incident, the Nigerian government sought DJ Switch‘s arrest, stating the Instagram live session was photoshopped, and the Lekki massacre never happened.

Speaking on claims that she sought asylum in Canada for her protection, DJ Switch disclosed on her Instagram story that she never moved to Canada. According to her, she is now making her first trip out of Nigeria since the incident happened last year as she been locked up in a house for months.

She wrote;

To the people who know me well, I don’t really share except my craft, art and commets on social media issues that affect us all.

But let me say this… News outlets and bloggers, I know traffic is the game but when you don’t really investigate properly and run with things that you don’t know for sure or have verified, you sincerely hurt and in some cases cause serious complications for people in in real life.

I’ve been locked up in a house for months. I never got assylum to Canada, I did not step foot into Canada, I don’t even speak to anyone who claimed they spoke to me on this issue. Anyways, I will leave it there. by the way, it is now that I am travelling… and is not to Canada.