Actress Nnaji Charity reacting to the disqualification of BBNaija’s Beauty barely 2 weeks into the show concluded that it’s obvious she bought her Miss Nigeria Crown.


Beauty who is a former Miss Nigeria became the first housemate to be disqualified just 2 weeks into the show and based on the fact that she couldn’t last in the game made Nnaji Charity conclude that she bought her crown as a Miss Nigeria and didn’t win it fairly.

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According to Nnaji Charity, if a beauty queen cannot survive in BBNaija’s house in less than 2 weeks, then it’s obvious she bought her crown and that’s not surprising because most beauty pageant crowns are being bought and not won on merit.

Some people might argue that a beauty pageant is different from the BBNaija show but then Nnaji Charity believes that as someone who has been able to win a beauty pageant, playing a game such as this in Biggie’s house should be easy and not warrant disqualification.

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