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It’s not easy to engage somebody – Man asks lover to put ring on her finger by herself during proposal (Video)



The weird proposal style a Nigerian man adopted has sparked reactions on social media sue to how funny it was.

He engaged his lover while they were inside a car and presented her the ring in a simple, yet dramatic manner.

A video which was posted on Instagram captures him giving the engagement ring to her and asking if it is fine.

He asked her to put the ring in her marriage finger directly and said she should say small ‘wow’ as well as a thank you.

The man said it is not easy to get engaged so it was right of her to thank him.

The girlfriend laughed at the manner he proposed as her man could be heard saying that there is no point kneeling down because the way he did it is how African men ask for a woman’s hand in marriage.

Watch the video below:

It looks like there is a constant competition among youths to defy the norm and be different when it comes to relationship, proposals and wedding.

A young Nigerian man has gotten netizens talking because he chose to propose to his lover without having to kneel down.

The rare lover boy took his girlfriend to a club and popped the four-word question to her in the presence of close friends.

What was very interesting about the proposal was that he remained standing while asking for her hand in marriage.

In a video clip making the rounds online, he brought out the ring and presented it to his girlfriend in a confident manner.

Meanwhile his friends could be seen spraying money on the love birds as the girl said yes, stretched out her hand and her boyfriend put the ring on her.