Princess Shyngle has postulated that requesting for Whatsapp video or FaceTime with her without her permission is something she finds very disrespectful.


Taking to her Instagram story, she lamented about how bad that kind of move sits with her and she is not ready to accept uninvited video calls from anyone including those she even knows.

According to her, regardless of your status, she will block your a** if you dare video call her without her permission.

She wrote;

I don’t care whoever you are but never, I repeat never ever call on FaceTime or WhatsApp video without asking for my permission first.

That’s so freaking disrespectful. Try that shit with me and you a** is blocked.

In other news, Princess Shyngle has revealed that when she marries and suspects infidelity on the part of her husband, she will use beautiful and hot girl to seduce

Princess Shyngle intimated in a post on her Instagram page that she is a jealous partner when she is love and that is a worry for her because she can be extreme with that, however, she made a resolve to work on herself in that expect before she jumps into another relationship.

According to the curvy Instagram model who has had two failed marriages, when if she feels her husband is cheating on her but could never catch him red handed, she will hire a nice lady to tempt him, but she conceded that if the lady succeeds she does not know what her reaction will be.

She wrote; 

If I ever get married and I feel my husband is cheating on me but I’ve never caught him, I will literally find a beautiful hot girl that I’ll pay to seduce him. 

If she succeeds, hmmmmmm, I don’t know what I will do honestly.

I’m such a freaking jealous partner when I’m in love and it sucks lol. I guess I need to work on that before I ever try to date again