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It’s 6 Years Since I Dumped Him, I Have Not Found Any Guy Like Him – Lady Cries Out



A Nigerian lady has revealed that since she parted ways with her boyfriend, she has not found a suitable replacement and this is something that is eating her up.

Sounding remorseful, the young woman revealed that she dumped a young man named Nathaniel after dating him for over 4 years simply because she thought he was not up to her level. She narrated how she has dated 8 guys after she left Nathaniel, but unfortunately, none of the relationships lasted up to a year. They only came to take advantage of her.

Read her story below:

There are some mistakes in this life that are very difficult to amend, some people are irreplaceable, one may find their similarities but cannot see their exacts.

This is a true story I’m currently passing through in my life, i once had a boyfriend back then in the secondary school, we dated for more than 4 years but i later made a mistake that I’m still finding a way to make amendments today.

I must confess that youthful exuberance took an advantage of me then, simply because i was one of the most prettiest girl in my school then, many guys were queuing up to talk to me, i receive lots of calls and text messages everyday.

When all these were happening, there was this guy i was dating then and we both loved each other thinking the relationship would lead to marriage because we were very serious about it, but something happened when i left secondary school for the university.

My boyfriend also further his education but in different location, though we used to meet and spend time together at every end of the month.

During my 200 level in the university, i became popular in the campus that many guys wanted to date me, with some promising me of marriage. The moment many of them started making advances and most of them were talking of marriage, that’s how i started pulling slowly from Nathaniel, i stopped calling him and hardly returned his calls or messages, with different excuses that i was always busy.

Finally i decided to break up with him since I was getting more guys that had more class than him, both in terms of fashion sense, physique and money

One night i called Nathaniel and told him that the relationship cannot work anymore and both of us should go our separate ways, when he asked the reason why we were breaking up, i gave him lots of excuses that i didn’t want any relationship and mostly i wanted to concentrate on my studies.

He cried and pleaded for forgiveness even though he didn’t do anything to me he was asking for forgiveness. I never looked back, i dropped the call, the next morning, i bought a new sim card and changed my number.

When i returned home and the end of the semester exam, he came around and was pleading to accept him back even his friends pleaded with me, but i refused simply because i had already found another person which i thought was better than him.

Six months after dumping him, the other guy who promised me marriage broke up with me for no reason, i thought it was a joke, after some months i started another relationship and this time i was careful so what happened the last time won’t repeat itself, but unfortunately it never lasted up to six months we broke up again.

To fast-forward it, i have dated almost 8 guys ever since i left Nathaniel and yet all of them were only after my “p*nt” the moment they get what they wanted the next was break-up.

This is the sixth year and I’m currently single because I’m afraid to date another guy after all the experiences, i had with my exes, my problem now is that i want to get back to Nathaniel again since i have discovered he is so unique and kind.
He easily forgave me when i made mistakes, he never stopped himself from apologizing. It’s now i know his value but i don’t know how to get back to apologise for all the things i have done to him.

I tried reaching him on Facebook but he never replied to my messages, i contacted his friends to help talk to him but they said i should talk to him myself.
The issue now is that i don’t have his contact and he has refused to reply my messages on Facebook.

Even if he doesn’t want us to continue with the relationship, i want to ask him for forgiveness for what i put him through. He is the best i have seen in my life. Please i need advice.