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Islamic Republic of Iran: Daughter forced to execute her own mother



Qisas is based on the Qur’an: “And we prescribed for them in it, Life for life, and eye for eye, and nose for nose, and ear for ear, and tooth for tooth, and retaliation for injuries. But whoever forgoes it, this will be expiation for him. Whoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed, such people are wrongdoers.” (5:45)

Also: “O you who believe, do not choose your fathers or your brothers for friends if they take pleasure in disbelief rather than faith. Whoever among you takes them for friends, such people are wrongdoers.” (9:23) That goes for mothers, also.

“Daughter forced to execute her own mum by kicking away her chair in barbaric punishment by Iran’s brutal regime,” Love By Life, n.d. (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

A DAUGHTER was forced to execute her own mother by kicking away the chair as she was hanged in Iran.

Maryam Karimi received the barbaric punishment which is in line with the country’s brutal regime after she killed her abusive husband.

According to local reports, her husband had refused to grant her a divorce.

The woman’s father and only relative Ebrahim tried to convince him but to no avail- so the distraught father assisted his daughter with the killing.

After their arrest, Maryam’s six-year-old little girl went to live with her father’s grandparents, who told her she was orphaned after both parents died 13 years earlier.

The now-19-year-old woman found out the truth about her father just weeks before the execution.

Just weeks before Maryam and Ebrahim’s execution date, the now 19-year-old daughter was told how her father met his end.

Maryam was executed at Rasht Central Prison on March 13, after serving 13 years behind bars.

Her daughter took part in the execution and kicked the chair out from under her mum’s feet after reportedly refusing to forgive her or accept “Diya” (blood money), according to Iran International TV.

Maryam was charged with “retribution in kind”, which is known in Iran as “Qisas” – a form of “an eye for an eye” retribution.

Qisas requires the victim’s next of kin to be present at the execution and they are actively encouraged to carry out the execution themselves.

A source told Iran Human Rights: “Maryam’s daughter was six years old when the murder took place and has been in the care of her father’s family.

“For the past 13 years, they had told her that both her parents were dead, but had to tell her the truth a few weeks prior to the execution to prepare her psychologically.”…