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ISIS jihadi: ‘I was going back and forth between Turkey and Syria 2-3 times a month. The police commander knew.’



It has long been alleged that Turkey abetted the travel of jihadis to the Islamic State (ISIS), and this is yet more confirmation of the fact.

“ISIL’s ‘Turkey responsible’ Kasım Güler: ‘The commandant of the police station knew that I was going to Syria,’” translated from “IŞİD’in ‘Türkiye sorumlusu’ Kasım Güler: ‘Suriye’ye gidip geldiğimi karakol komutanı da biliyordu,’” Kisa Dalga, October 6, 2022:

New allegations from Kasım Güler, who has claimed that “Turkey is responsible” for ISIS and whose statements after his capture have drawn attention: I used to go back and forth between Turkey and Syria in 2014-2015. The station commander also knew, there was no problem at that time.

Kasım Güler, who was brought to Turkey after he was caught for allegedly being “Turkey’s overseer” for ISIS, claimed that he traveled between Syria and Turkey 2-3 times a month between 2014 and 2015, and that the police station commander knew about this, but that was not a problem at that time.

Kasim Guler, who was captured in Syria and brought to Turkey with the MIT Operation last year, became a confessor and gave remarkable statements after he was caught. In his first statements, Güler explained that ISIS was organized in 12 provinces in Turkey and buried weapons in 6 provinces, especially in Istanbul. The most important part of Güler’s “confessions” was the allegation of “political murder.” In his first statement, Güler claimed that ISIS planned to assassinate CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu and Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu.

Kasım Güler is still being heard as a witness in the trial where the fugitive suspects whose files were searched in the Gar massacre in Ankara were tried today. According to the information shared on the social media accounts of the 10 October Ankara Massacre Case platform, confessor Kasım Güler brought up remarkable allegations in today’s hearing of the ongoing case at the Ankara 4th High Criminal Court.

In his statement given as a “witness,” he stated that “he went to prison after the Al Qaeda operation in Konya in 2014″ and joined the ISIS that was established at that time after he was released. “In 2014-2105, I was going back and forth between Turkey and Syria 2-3 times a month. The commander of the police station knew this situation. There was no problem at that time,” he said. Güler stated that such visits were frequent at that time, and said, “At that time, not only me, but also hundreds of people, both Turkish and foreign, would cross the border to both sides. The police station would not cause any problems, even if he was caught sometimes, he would be released immediately,” he said.