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Is This Joe Biden’s Biggest Lie Ever?



New in PJ Media:

Joe Biden says he’s a Catholic, but his handlers work relentlessly to keep the sacrifices to Moloch going; Pious Old Joe and his henchmen never saw a restriction on abortion that they could support. Joe Biden says he is down-to-earth ol’ Lunchbucket Joe, when actually he has spent most of his life growing rich in the public “service” and enjoying all the perks of being one of the Washington elite. Joe Biden says he is president, but he is clearly not in charge and, as is increasingly evident, not even capable of being in charge. But on Thursday afternoon, Old Joe may have given us his biggest whopper ever, the most appalling lie from this career liar in over fifty years in the public eye.

Biden said: “Today, the most common price of gas in America is three dollars and thirty-nine cents, down from over five dollars when I took office.” Now, coming from a guy who said that if he was elected president, he would cure cancer, and who thinks that if we raise taxes high enough and buy electric cars, we’ll be able to change the weather, this may not seem like much, but it is. Skyrocketing gas prices are this administration’s singular achievement. There was even a rash of stickers featuring Joe proclaiming “I Did That!” ready to be stuck onto gas pumps next to the outrageous price per gallon.

And make no mistake: Old Joe Biden really did do that. This is the alleged president who, on his first day in office, killed the Keystone Pipeline. He also suspended new oil and gas leasing and drilling permits for federal land and water, and has been steadfast in his opposition to fracking. He took a nation that was energy independent when he took office and ended up going hat-in-hand to the Saudis to plead (unsuccessfully, of course) for them to lower oil prices so that his party would have even a chance in the midterm elections.

The average gas price on January 20, 2021 wasn’t five dollars a gallon. It was less than half that. The average gas price on January 20, 2021, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, was $2.37 per gallon. According to the same source, Biden is even lying about the average gas price today, which is $3.76, not $3.39. Biden, of course, wants everyone to hate Donald Trump, and so he hopes that he can convince some low-attention, low-information Leftists that gas prices really were high when Bad Orange Man was in the White House, and that now he has saved the day, but this is an outrageous twisting of the facts.

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