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Iranian regime now talking openly as a nuclear threshold state



Iran is merely getting louder in announcing what Israel and Trump knew what it was up to all along. Netanyahu warned that the disastrous Iran deal endangered not just Israel, but also the US.  A couple days ago, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps threatened to turn New York into “hellish ruins” through nuclear warheads it could mount on its long-range missiles.

Iran long ago admitted that it violated Obama’s original nuke deal. Its uranium levels were so high that the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency stated that such levels were only seen in countries making bombs.

Everyone can thank Joe Biden for the grave, escalating threat of Iran as a “threshold” nuclear state.

“Shift In Iranian Regime Statements On Nuclear Weapons: Regime Spokesmen Talk Openly Of Obtaining Them, Aiming For Western Acquiescence To Iran As A Nuclear Threshold State,” by A. Savyon, MEMRI, August 2, 2022:

Recently, there has been a noticeable shift in statements by Iranian regime spokesmen on the issue of acquiring nuclear weapons, with the aim of gaining Western recognition of Iran as a nuclear threshold state. While these spokesmen once vehemently denied any intention to obtain nuclear weapons, basing this on Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s alleged “nuclear fatwa” (that does not exist at all – see Appendix II) banning nuclear weapons, today they are increasingly declaring that Iran has the technical capability to produce nuclear weapons. The most recent declaration of this kind came on August 1, 2022 from Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) director Mohammad Eslami. He said that Iran “has the technical capability to produce an atom bomb but such a plan is not on the agenda.”[1]

Moreover, Iranian spokesmen are describing a situation in which producing nuclear weapons would be a defensive response to an attack on Iran, or in which they would officially constitute compensation for repeated U.S. violations of the 2015 JCPOA nuclear agreement. “Violation” here means the U.S.’s 2018 withdrawal from the JCPOA or what Iran claims is the U.S.’s failure to meet its economic obligations to Iran.

Tehran’s depiction of itself as a victim who is being forced to respond to alleged Western aggression also allows it to cling to the nonexistent “nuclear fatwa” and to claim that it had never wanted to obtain nuclear weapons and that doing so is only a response to Western aggression. In this way, Iran seeks to advance towards its strategic goal of being upgraded to “nuclear threshold” status and beyond. Gaining the status of a legitimate nuclear threshold state capable of producing a nuclear bomb within a short time will allow Tehran to reach a nuclear balance of terror in the Middle East. In the view of the Islamic revolutionary regime of Iran, such a scenario would assure its continued existence, and would stop any attempt by the West to restrict the range of Iran’s ballistic missiles and its expansion in the region.[2]

Tehran is taking advantage of the deadlock in the nuclear talks in Vienna to establish legitimacy for its status as a recognized nuclear threshold state, and therefore it is insisting on its unreasonable demands of the U.S., including forcing all subsequent U.S. administrations to follow the policy of its predecessors or the lifting of all U.S. sanctions on Iran, including those unconnected to the JCPOA and related matters such as sponsorship of terrorism and human rights violations – that is, sanctions on Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).[3]

In effect, what Iran is trying to do is to leverage the JCPOA, which was aimed at guaranteeing that it will not obtain nuclear weapons, in order to justify its entitlement to possess nuclear weapons.

This report will present recent Iranian statements justifying the Iranian regime’s development and possession of nuclear weapons for a defensive response, taking advantage of the deadlock in the nuclear talks to advance its goal. The two Appendices below include reports on statements in recent months by Iranian spokesmen on nuclear weapons and false claims about the existence of a nuclear fatwa by Supreme Leader Khamenei banning these weapons….