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Insanity on Stilts: Now Short Guys Are Becoming Trans Tall



New in PJ Media:

It really shouldn’t come as any surprise in a world in which men not only become women, but become the first female admirals and champion female swimmers, but it is just another step down the road of discarding our humanity altogether and becoming artificial beings of our own design, with consequences no one can foresee. Short men are now getting their legs artificially lengthened so that they magically grow several inches taller and get all the girls who didn’t look at them until they had to look up to them. GQ ran a lavish 4,500-word piece on this nauseating phenomenon Thursday. My PJM colleague Jeff Reynolds alerted me to the fact that so did South Park, a couple of years ago. Reality has become an absurdist satirical cartoon.

The GQ article is full of short guys who have internalized Randy Newman’s infamous dictum that “short people got no reason to live,” and have suffered for their lack of stature. One guy “never really thought of himself as short until a girl he had ‘a super big crush on, like, roasted me for it’ in college.” That incident led to “a deep insecurity that ultimately prompted him to get his femurs done in February. Now, after spending the last three months alone in his apartment eating delivery food, he’s five nine,” three inches taller than he was in May.

Another newly tall man is, GQ tells us, “something of a player.” However, “he always thought that his batting average with women could be better,” and now, three inches taller than he used to be, he thinks he be more appealing to the babes, who presumably will not notice that his new height is all in his legs, which are freakishly long compared to his torso and arms.

A third guy appears to have gotten the surgery because he was ignored when trying to order a drink. “I’d go to a bar and literally try to order a drink. Some freaking goon, standing a head taller than me, comes over behind me. And the bartender looks up to him, like, ‘What can I get you?’ I’m like, ‘Motherf***er, I’m right here!’”

The surgery involves (and here’s the nauseating part) getting one’s legs broken and artificially lengthened with instruments that hold the broken pieces apart for months so that the bone grows longer. Some of those who get it are piling fantasy upon fantasy: they’re “trans men, who often just want that extra stature to feel more like themselves.” Another tall fellow summed up the guiding reasoning behind why everyone gets this surgery: “I noticed that taller people just seem to have it easier. The world seems to bend for them.”

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