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India: Muslim migrants violently attack Christian migrants for singing Christmas carols, five cops injured



This story will pass unnoticed, or will be presented as if the violence on both sides was equivalent, as the story below implies. However, that story also makes it clear that the Muslims started the fracas; the Christians just fought back. If the Christians had been the aggressors, this would be international news. As it is, no one will take any notice.

“Migrant Muslims attack Christians at Kitex’s Christmas celebrations in Kerala,” by Tanya Trivedi, TFIPost, December 28, 2021:

A major riot broke out between Muslim migrant workers and Christian migrant Workers inside the Kitex factory at Kizhakkambalam near Ernakulam in Kerala. Those who intervened, including the police, were also attacked by the mob. These migrant workers were attacked with lethal weapons and injured 5 police personnel, including Circle Inspector VT Shajan.

A scuffle between Muslim and Christian migrant workers
The mob also burned one police jeep and another four were vandalized beyond recognition. Around 500 migrant workers living in labour camps inside the Kitex factory at Kizhakkambalam near Ernakulam tried to burn policemen alive. Even though they couldn’t burn the policemen alive, they were attacked with lethal weapons and were seriously injured.

A scuffle broke out at around 11.30 pm when some Muslims objected to carols being sung by Christian migrants from Nagaland and Manipur. While they were celebrating and dancing late at night, Muslim migrants attacked them. Within a matter of time, both the communities began attacking each other with stones, sticks and beer bottles.

When a security staffer at the labour camp interfered, he was also brutally beaten by them. A group of police officers on night patrol also rushed to the spot to disperse them, but they were also ruthlessly attacked, and their vehicles were also vandalized.

Kitex Group chairman Sabu M Jacob, asserted, “When our security staff and supervisors intervened, the labourers attacked them. When the police team reached the spot, they too were attacked.”

A local resident of Thykkavu, Sakariya Mohammed reported that “Native people had complained several times to the police about the nuisance caused by the drunklaburers but they did not take any action. It’s very difficult to travel through the road in front of the labour camp after 8 pm as the workers will be in an inebriated stage.”

The injured policemen managed to escape with the help of locals, after being attacked with iron rods and stones. Reportedly, twenty-four people were arrested while 132 have been detained so far….