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India: Another madrassa discovered to have links to jihad terror group



If the establishment media narrative about Islam were correct, madrassas would be the last place where there would be jihad terror activity, because the true, peaceful version of Islam would be taught. But that narrative is false.

“Assam: Another madrasa with suspected terror links under the scanner, two teachers flee after locals express doubt about their identity,” OpIndia, September 3, 2022:

As Assam’s state government is waging a crackdown on suspicious madrasas in the state that have ties to banned Islamic terrorist organisations, another madrasa has come under scrutiny with alleged ties to the Bangladeshi terrorist organisation Ansar-ul-Bangla or Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT). After the demolition of three madrassas in recent weeks, a madrasa in the Goalpura district in Assam is now under the scanner.

The Dargar Alga Madrassa located at Pakhiura Char has been identified by the police for possible terror links, and it could be demolished by the administration. Recently the founder of the Madrasa, Imam Jalaluddin, and two more persons were arrested by police for suspected terror links. Police had found that Jalaluddin had recruited suspected Bangladeshi Jihadis as teachers, and two of them are now absconding.

The teachers had claimed that they are from West Bengal, but local people had doubts about their identities and had asked them to submit their identity documents. But two teachers, Jahangir Alam and Aminul Islam, fled from the area in the night fearing arrest. Locals informed the police about the incident and the police raided the madrasa on August 24, where several incriminating documents were recovered. Police arrested three persons, Madrasa founder Jalaluddin Sheikh, one person Abdus Subahan and another person who has not been named.

Both of the teachers who fled had stayed in a house attached to the madrasa for around 1.5 years. According to police, illegal Bangladeshi immigrants with links to the terrorist group Ansal-ul-Bangla used to live in the house attached to the Madrasa. During the raid of the madrasa by police on 24th August, a photo of a deceased individual and a poster were uncovered. The police have also obtained a huge cache of Ansar-ul-Bangla terror module literature from this location….