BBNaija star Uriel Oputa has sent a message to anyone who cares to know saying if you see her in an Economy Class on a plane doesn’t mean she’s suffering because it’s expensive.


Uriel Oputa is known for not overspending her budget which some people term as stingy as sometimes her fans advise her to change bags she’s been using since she’s making enough to afford new and latest ones but that isn’t her priority.

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Today, she has made us understand that rather than flying a business class she will fly economy which is 1.5M, and use the rest of the money to buy a lot of goodies for her business so if you see her flying economy class it doesn’t mean she’s suffering.

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Uriel Oputa is making enough money and she can fly business class to where ever she’s going but then being a generational thinker with a business mind, she has decided to fly economy instead so she could use the balance to buy things for her business.

This is what some people term as being stingy but it’s called being smart and that is exactly what Uriel Oputa is doing because the fact that you can afford a business class doesn’t mean by all means you should when you know the money could be used for something more profitable.

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