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If he cheated on me he’ll cheat on you too – Woman accosts husband’s side chic after catching them together (Video)



The moment a woman caught her husband and his side chic at a shopping mall was captured on tape and posted on social media.

In the video which has gone viral, she confronted the side chic for agreeing to have an affair with her husband.

She revealed that they have been married for five years and they have kids yet he went ahead to dishonour their marriage.

The wife explained to the mistress that if he can cheat on his wife then he will also cheat on her with another woman.

She spent most of her time scolding the mistress and did not even bother to tackle her man for being unfaithful.

Watch the video below:

Social media users were of the opinion that the wife was focusing on the wrong person as many felt she should have confronted her husband instead.

Reacting, IG user zakari.bbdoki_ said; Yawa don gas

djtrish_vibequeen; Why is she ignoring that man there

ci.ndy8802; She’s definitely blaming d wrong person

zaquanterrell; She is trying to school her to me

kimmy_place_2; Why blame the lady??

fashiondiva_gh; I really don’t think men really know how women suffer😢

ritagabriel01; Period!!! He cheating on me he is going to cheat on you too

thissome; She off on sis and he’s standing right fucking there… but I note the difference in culture some cultures all 3 wouldv been on the floor not naming no names lmao

Meanwhile, CorrectNG reported days ago that a man canceled his wedding over his fiancée’s comment on social media where she revealed that she could cheat for money.

The woman commented ‘Yes’ when a Facebook user asked women if they would cheat on her husband for N1 million and someone who knew the couple saw it online.

The person screengrabbed her comment and sent it to her fiance who immediately ended their relationship and called off the wedding which was supposed to hold December 2022.

A Twitter user known as Josephine @JojoNitq shared the story on the microblogging platform.

The tweet reads; ”A man cancelled his wedding that was supposed to take place in December 2022 ….because the bride to be commented yes on Facebook that she can cheat on the husband for 1Million naira …someone that knows her screen shot it and showed the guy….was the man’s action right?”