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I’d Men Who Wanted Me As Their Wife Before I Got Married to Kaninja- Xandy Karmel



Xandy Karmel has said in a new interview that she had a lot of potential suitors even before she met her embattled husband Kaninja.

In view of this, she suggested she was spoilt for choice and can always maneuver her way through as far as a new commitment or a possible marriage is concerned. She made this known when she sat down with celebrity blogger Zionfelix in a new interview.

She is quoted as saying;

Even before I got into any commitment with any man in my past life, there are people who had always admired me. Some just want to have fun with me.

Some just want to sleep with me and go. Some want to actually spend their life with me. As this issue (her divorce) came, yes, I have people coming to me and all that.

Some are old friends, some are exes, some are new people I don’t even know. But I feel like sometimes people just want to take advantage of my situation (divorcee). So I have to be smart.

Meanwhile, amidst the storm in Xandy Karmel’s former paradise, the TV host and actress has sent a cryptic message to her estranged husband Kaninja in a new video she shared on her Instagram page.

Relying on the lyrics of Czar’s ‘Araba Lawson’ song produced over ten years ago, Xandy reminded her husband that he had lost a valuable thing for quitting the marriage over their perpetual centered on his infidelity.