Nigerian born rapper based in the United States, Princess Vitarah has made sparked an uproar on social media after taking a stance on women dating broke men.


In a tweet she made as she shared amazing photos of herself, Princess Vitarah, intimated she prefers to die a virgin that spread his legs for a broke man.

She tweeted; ‘I would rather die a virgin than f**k a broke ni**a’ .

Her stance has triggered varied reactions from social media users.

See screenshot below;

Meanwhile, a young girl could have landed in the hospital or morgue whilst trying to demonstrate the different styles they adopt when in bed with well-to-do men for iPhones.

The unidentified Ghanaian girl was in a room with her friend and she revealed that each iPhone model has the position they employ for that and she demonstrated the various positions for iPhone 5, 7s, 8, and X.

Her friend filmed the demonstration and she was so happy dishing out the explicit content in a video perhaps knowing guys and girls should see it but whilst demonstrating the last style, she strained her neck and nearly got it broken.

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