Nigerian Instagram influencer and BBNaija star, Anita Natacha Akide fondly called Tacha has promised to promote Ghanaian music in the new year of 2022.


Ghgossip sighted the tweet from the BBNaija star where she vowed to spread love to Ghana throughout the whole year.

She wrote; ‘I will promoting Ghana music all year long, It’s all love from here Chale”

Additionally, she took to Instagram to talk about unity among the two West African countries. She wrote;

At this time that Africa is really doing great, I think instead of fighting we should be coming together. My whole timeline is a mess. It is just too many narratives going on out there, Ghanaians are tweeting this and that”

She added: “This is not the time to fight, this is the time where we should be celebrating ourselves freely and not fighting. It is not a deliberate intention for Nigerians not to listen or always play Ghanaian music. It is really not a deliberate action. It is mostly likely an oversight.”

Meanwhile, Tacha also has reacted after Ghanaian singer, Wendy Shay questioned the love affairs of Nigerian artistes.

On Twitter, the Ghanaian singer wrote that she is patiently waiting for a day when an up-and-coming Ghanaian artist would date a top female Nigerian celebrity.

She added that Nigerian artistes also date Ghanaian female celebs and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

She wrote; ‘I’m still waiting for the day an up-and-coming artist from Ghana will date a top female celebrity from Nigeria like the way my Naija brothers do to some of our Ghana female celebs. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. Love goes where love is, right? ghana wake up.”

In reaction to the tweet on Friday, Tacha wrote that the problem of a black man is another black man while contemplating why this assertion will emanate from the camp of a supposed biggest female artiste in Africa. She wrote;

“What is this? Lool. Is this really supposed to come from one of the supposed biggest female artistes in Africa? Black man be black man problem”