Davido has opened up on the things he felt on the inside when he was celebrated by his friends on his birthday with the outpouring of love.


Davido described how he reacted when donations from friends and colleagues began to pour in.

He made his submission when he appeared on the podcast with Temisan Emmanuel’s TeaWithTay latest edition.

He revealed that the N200 million gift request was not premeditated in any means, contrary to popular belief.

OBO said he was having a haircut on his balcony when he started asking his close friends to donate N1 million as a birthday present. Soon afterwards, he claimed that he duplicated the intended message for his buddies and placed it on Twitter, and the rest is history.

When the donations surpassed N60 million, Davido said he was “swamped.”

Away from that, Controversial Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal has opened up on the recent swelling she has had on her mouth after she pierced it.

The actress, who is renowned for her candidness, recently revealed that many guys have left her after she refused to get intimate with them, which she found disturbing and upsetting. 

 She  has shared a video on Instagram where  she claims her mouth has puffed up after she pierced it.

Moyo Lawal was could be observed in the video using a bottle of cold water to lessen the swelling. 

She wrote, I pierced my mouth …. Now see me looking like. Who sent me ooooh. Pls is the swelling supposed to be this big? O ti su mi ooooh. P.s and I have events, not going anywhere again.

Source: NgGossips.com