Actress Eniola Badmus has warned any lady whose boyfriend she might snatch not to come and fight her saying she wants her own boyfriend but if God gives hers yours she can’t argue.


Eniola Badmus posted saying she wants her own boyfriend but if God gives her yours she’s in no position to argue as she will accept him gladly so no one should come and fight her because God gave the man to her.

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This post of Eniola Badmus is to let ladies out there to know that the possibility of her snatching someone’s boyfriend is very high as she wants to have her own boyfriend but won’t hesitate or argue if God gives her your boyfriend.

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Therefore, it’s up to you the lady to do everything in your power just to give your boyfriend if not God might probably give him to Eniola Badmus who is ready to accept any man that comes her way since she has been waiting for her own man but won’t have a problem if your man is given to her.

The question that crossed our mind is how will God give someone’s boyfriend to Eniola Badmus when He knows very well that he’s someone’s boyfriend or Eniola Badmus has her own ways of doing that?

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