Precious Chikwendu, the estranged wife of politician and ex Aviation Minister, Femi Fani Kayode has taken to social media to cry out over how she has been denied access to her children since the collapse of their marriage.


Precious Chikwendu who parked out of their marriage over domestic violence claims lamented that her four kids are Femi Fani Kayode’s possession and accused him of using every opportunity to win points on social media even after all the efforts he proof her claims.

She wrote:

Again to whom it may concern .
I really don’t like issues with institutions, but I’m so ashamed our justice system is no longer respected and our government would watch it’s institutions be ordered around by someone who feels these institutions can be bought with a prize. Last Friday the court ordered i serve everyone again on the newspapers , ( punch, sun and Thisday ) Mind you , everyone received service since June except the Fuse master who evaded service, so i had to go for substituted service.
it was done on yesterday’s papers and still this morning, my security calls to tell me that same people are at my gate. This isn’t stopping any soon right? . Ive done petitions to government bodies involved with checking the activities of this enforcement agencies but still, this has continued.
Well this woman won’t stop fighting either. My kids or we continue dancing naked till a sane person in this country realizes we all look mad in a naked dance off.

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