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I tell you say I be corper – Drama as corp member refuses to pay Okada rider after trip (Video)



There was a dramatic exchange between a corp member and a bike man over transport fare and it attracted residents.

The corp refused to pay the okada rider after being dropped at his destination and it led to a disagreement.

In a video posted online, the young man mentioned that before he boarded the okada he had told the bikeman he was a corper and did not have money.

The lad asked the bikeman if he had insisted on collecting money from him before taking him on the ride.

He claimed right and expressed shock that the rider was asking him for payment on reaching his destination.

The guy kept repeating that he is a corper and expects to be given special treatment which includes not paying since he did not have money.

Members of the community began to gather when their exchange gew more intense and it almost escalated into a physical fight.

Watch the video below:

In other news, CorrectNG reported that Nigerians took to social media to react to a post of a member of the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) invigilating an exam for military officers.

Naija PR took to Twitter and shared a photo of a male corp member taking on the role of an invigilator while soldiers were writing an exam.

The date and location of the said examination, was however not disclosed, so it is unclear how recently the photo was taken.

The young man could be seen holding a big envelope which probably contains the exam questions and answer booklets.

He maintained a position that suggested he was walking round the exam hall and keeping a close eye on the officers who wore their official uniform.

Sharing the image, Naija PR wrote; ”Can your PPA ever?”

It sparked a plethora of comments from Nigerians on the microblogging platform, most of which were hilarious.