Famed Nigerian Instagram influencer, Papaya Ex has disclosed the startling amount she spends each day on internet data.

The socialite lamented having to pay N50k for data and wistfully reminisced about the day when 1GB of data used to last a month.

Papaya Ex contrasted the speed at which the data she buys is completed to robbery in broad daylight.

However, social media users who didn’t agree with her claimed that she was lying or just seeking power.

Papaya Ex emphasized that she uses the internet for business every hour of every day in reaction to the complaints.

In her words;

”I can’t do this anymore 😢 I give up. 50k data in a week?? I miss days we use 1GB in a month please. What’s this daylight robbery 😭😭help!’‘

”Lmaoo. Because I didn’t say 50k in 5 days? Mtchew. I use 10k every single day. I use internet 24/7, how much do you expect me to use😂 2k? Please please, y’all act ignorant blindly everytime on this app. Who doesn’t know 100k is the new 10k lately. Kmt abeg!”

In response to the allegations of having a romantic affair with a married man, Papaya Ex clarified that her mother has never been in a romance with the late Alaafin of Oyo because he is her grandpa and that Ajimobi, the governor of Oyo at the time, and her mother were friends, just as successful people are buddies with other successful individuals.

Papaya Ex further denied grabbing any man, let alone a married scammer who is funding her lifestyle, claiming instead that she is merely an influencer.

She went on to say that she will not be pressured by the contentious blog and that she is free to do whatever she chooses.