A beautiful lady has shared her experience of an abusive and toxic relationship with her social media users. This lady in a video revealed how she was beaten by her boyfriend despite the love they shared together.


In the first minute of the video, the lady and her boyfriend were seen having some romantic moments as they smooched, kissed and did the usual things most couples do.

In the latter part of the video, the lady showed how bad things had gotten between them as her face had swollen indicating that her boyfriend pummeled her on the face.

According to her, due to the severity of her disfigured and battered face, she had to undergo reconstructive surgery to restore her face and she prayed her boyfriend does not inflict such pain on another person’s daughter.

Watch the video below;

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In other news, a dramatic scene played out after a huge snake that looked like a python appeared causing fear and panic in the area.

Apparently, the snake has been hiding in the grass until the gardener interrupted its peaceful abode by spraying the lawn in front of a luxurious house.

Whilst the people who tried to kill the dangerous reptile were terrified upon seeing it, the reptile was trying to get a place of refuge as it moved from the lawn to the street making its way to the gutter across the street.

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