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‘I Paid The Fare For A Lady I Met In A Trotro Without Her Consent, She Asked For My Number & Sent Me The Fare Through Momo’ – Guy Writes



According to this guy, he was going by his normal duties as he boarded a trotro, and while in the trotro, he saw this beautiful lady.

The gentleman in him pushed him to pay for the fare of this beautiful lady without her consent and he added that this lady took his number after the incident.

He might have thought the lady was going to ‘fall’ for her due to his kind gesture, however, he got the shock of his life.

Narrating what happened, he stated that this lady after taking the number sent the fare he paid back to him through mobile money.

..... he made reads;

“I paid the fare for this beautiful lady in a trotro without her permission, she personally asked for my number. The lady has sent me the fare through momo. Ah🤣”

Some hilarious reactions ..... got are;

Asare Christodia – Men don’t give out things for free, so she don’t want future wahala 😏

Benedicta Yayra – She has sent the money too problem
If she were not to ,you guys would have been here saying ladies like money, ladies ain’t grateful blablabla
There are still good independent ladies out there wae

Margaret Owusua – So I boarded a trosky one day bi when going to work,there was this guy seated beside the driver.the moment I entered p33,he was like “Maame please I forgot my wallet at home can you please pay my fare for me “? And I retorted don’t worry I will sort you out ..When we alight in town, he tank me and took my contact saa na 3ye format bi 🤣,,,,bra has started falling eeii 😏…..there norrr I said please!! I don’t do good to take advantage of people and he blocked me ..sometimes we wish to do good for guys without any intentions ooo ,but some guys are tooo cheap dodo 🤣🤣🤣….NB :if you attack me you’re cheap 🤣🤣🤣😊

Okun Emmanuel Candid – 😂👏👏👏 you are lucky she wasn’t trained by the GRA squad 🤣 like she will dry your pocket for you.