A driver and his passengers were overheard by a police officer saying that he does not accept modest bribes from individuals.


After checking the automobile documents and blocking a vehicle, the police officer and his partner insisted on being paid.

The driver who had offered the policeman an unknown sum of money could be seen begging him to accept it in the viral footage.

Because he would have to split the money with his senior colleagues, who had instructed him to always collect large bribes, the policeman who thought the sum was insufficient urged that he only collect large sums of money and not petty change.

Reacting to this one okunlagos wrote; ‘This man is a danger to society. If as an enforcer of the law he is breaking it with impunity, what then happens if u sack him and he decides to take his revenge on society, this time as a total criminal?! Highway robbery will be the least of his crimes o. I suggest rehab.

Rapper VectorTheViper wrote; ‘Ways before sars where was hunger remember that. Have you see the barracks? Have you seen how the people they give ammunition live? Have you seen the police hospitals? Lol.

My dad went through so much stress with superiors asking for returns agreement so they can post him to a “paying” location. My dad hated unnecessary check points. I remember him telling his officers in ibadan that if they mounted and caused traffic in front of the office, they expose themselves to probable attacks from armed enemies. Later gov banned checkpoints (by their own reason). THE OFFICERS HAVE BEEN DEHUMANIZED SO THAT THEY TAKE ORDERS LIKE THIS ONE.

Watch the video below;

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