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I don’t want you to leave – Man breaks down in tears at his kid sister’s wedding (Video)



A Nigerian man went into an emotional state at his sister’s wedding because he was sad to see her go to her husband’s house.

He was seen in a trending video crying on his seat and wiping tears from his eyes with his handkerchief.

His sister who was getting married observed him crying and she walked towards his seat to console him. He stood up to hug her and continued to weep on her shoulders.

Watch the video:

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In other news, a Nigerian lady identified as Mabel Oluwaninsewealth, has barred her father from attending her wedding ceremony.

She said he has been a deadbeat dad throughout her 27 years on earth and she felt irritated when he asked her for money out of the blues.

Taking to her Facebook page, Mabel explained that she did her introduction and he messaged her to find out why she did not inform him, but she told him not to come.

She also said that when she fixed wedding date, he also wanted to be in attendance but she almost went off in rage if not for her fiancee who talked her out of it.

Mabel said that he called her later to ask how the wedding plans are going and after some small talk he hinted that there was an issue though he told her to forget about it only for him to send her a message asking for N5,000 that he wants to buy drugs.

In her response, his daughter said she does not have a biological father and she noted that she was disppointed at the parasitic approach he wanted to use to get back into her life.

Sharing screenshot of their chat, she wrote; ”Deadbeat dads can sha feel themselves! This particular one has been deadbeat my whole life. Baba somehow learnt of my intro, he called to say I didn’t even tell him set at least God bless you na prayer.

I told him not to come and he simply said okay. We fixed wedding date, he heard. He called again, but this time said something in the line of wanting to be present. I wanted to para, but babe was like maa ni suru. I didn’t hear from him again till today.

He flashed and I called back. He started with how his phone has been bad and he just got it back from the engineer’s shop. He then proceeded to ask how my plan was, I said “’s moving. How are yours?” Baba sha said I should not worry..I was like don’t tell me what is not..what are your plans? He said I’ll call you back. E nor reach 30 mins he sent the message below.”

..... I don’t want you to leave – Man breaks down in tears at his kid sister’s wedding (Video) . CorrectNG.


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