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I called my friend – Woman spots her friend’s husband at hospital with a pregnant lady (Video)



A woman has revealed that she caught her friend’s husband at a hospital with a lady who is pregnant.

She narrated what transpired in a video making the rounds on social media while she was still at the hospital.

According to the lady, when she saw both of them, she decided to approach him to stir up some drama.

She called his wife’s name and asked him about her, in front of the pregnant lady, but the man feigned not knowing who she was talking about.

So she replied by saying that the person she mentioned is his wife, and again, the man denied being married.

The friend was so shocked by his response and the reason is because she had visited them on Sunday after church.

She said that she just concluded he is responsible for the other girl’s pregnancy, so she let them be and went back to her seat.

The lady added that she called the friend and informed her of what she found the husband doing and the wife said she was on her way immediately.

While waiting for the wife, the narrator said she is expecting some serious chaos to take place when her friend (the man’s wife) arrives at the hospital.

Watch the video below:

Netizens were divided on whether she was right or wrong to get involved in the matter which was a very sensitive one.

tajudeenoyolola; Cause problem in ppl house why can’t face ur own business, ur friend is happy marriage but u want to make her unhappy now

golden_spec; U go dey trust man! Adam 😂😂wo oju e a bo😂😂

leejayjenni; Why are some men this wicked na???

joshuaberrick666; Na wow for you oooh, Mind your business and who even send you…..marriage breaker.

rahma219; Funny how women here are bashing her,all I see is a concerned friend and definitely women supporting women 🙌we need part 2

iamzikkyvibesofficial; MIND YOUR BUSINESS

laclyx; Shameless heartless and stupid people are busy typing mind your business. Anakogheri

kellyzbeauty; Na this kind aproko I no sabi make so

d4dotun; Holy center….wahala go happen…blood will flow…Na hospital dem kuku dey

oluwabukayomi3_; I can’t even tell anyone about their spouses,no be me you go latter put for middle😢

kanzibrahim; World War 3 pon de streets

forever_doly; First of all it sounds like the guy didn’t even look nervous that’s means he dgaf about ur friend n second for Wat I’ve witnessed how stupid some women can be ur friend might even know about her n still wen through a marry because som woman can do everything for the title MARRIAGE.