Nollywood actress, Uche Ebere has shared some insights about how social media is affecting the lives of young people.


In a post on her Instagram page, Ebere averred that social media is making most people compare their lives instead of appreciating everything they are and this according to her is the reason why most people are always depressed. She bemoaned the fact that a lot of the youth don’t know how to deal with things happening around her on social media.

She averred that they turn out to be followers instead of being able to stand up for themselves in their differences. She urged her younger brothers and sisters to be confident in themselves so that they may be able to say ‘I can be like everyone else, I am good and happy with who I am, what I look like, what I have’ and so on

The veteran thespian urged them to have the spirit of contentment because comparison is the thief of joy. A lot of Instagram users concurred with her commentary and also shared their thoughts about it.

See her post below;

Reacting to her post,

@demilade wrote; “It’s actually helpful and the other side tooI it depends on you the one u really want and choose”

@vickycassidy wrote; “I totally agree with you I’m wonderfully and fearfully made in Christ Jesus Amen”