Taking to his Instagram story, Gideon Okeke described his years of living a bachelor life a total waste.

According to the ‘Tinsel’ star, he engaged a chef for 8 years of his single life and he paid him 50,000 naira every month yet he couldn’t come up with whipping up this kind of bad a££ Egusi soup.

He expressed regret that he didn’t even use his status as a TV star to get one beautiful lady to support him and cook for him lamenting that he played himself.

Here are some reactions to his narration.

@nsimajj; “You were a bad employer. How could you place someone on the same salary for 8 years??”

@domingoloso; “2022 i must be with someone, at least make we understand each other and do things together. Single life don tire me 😢”

@scottpacka; “Thank God I sabi cook 👨‍🍳 Perfect 👍 I say it with my chest ! Ladies love men that can cook.. but always give them the money to go get the stuff in the market. Before them go say my husband is stingy 😂🤣😅”

@estorica; “And he thought he was living the big life and chilling with the big boys back then😂😂😂😂. It has dawned on him”

@karameltoppings; “And it will be their type that will say cooking isn’t an answer for “what do you bring to the table”. Do am if e easy.”