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How I returned to my senses after seizing my girlfriend’s waist bead – Man narrates as he sets it on fire



A Nigerian man has revealed what happened to him after he collected the waist beads his babe wears.

In a video he posted on social media, the guy said he was giving in to her every demands during the time she was still wearing the beads around her waist.

According to him, whenever she asks him to buy her wigs and clothes he would do so without hesitation.

He said that after he seized the beads he became normal and was no longer under any kind of spell or control.

The young man decided to burn it and he did so in the video making the rounds on social media.

Watch the clip below:

In other news, former Nigerian senator, Senator Shehu Sani has reacted to a report about a gardner who impregnated three biological sisters in Kenya.

Local media reports that the girls’ parents were strict, so they were made to stay indoors and their access to mingle with friends was restricted.

It was learnt that the garden boy who trims flowers in their area was the only close friend they could bear to have.

However, the closeness grew into something more and with time he began to have intimate moments with them at different times without their strict parents knowing.

This continued until he got all of them pregnant, and it left their Christian parents shocked, and confused as to how it happened despite being strict on them.

The parents inquired from them who was responsible, and they revealed that it was the gardner, a revelation which caused their mother to faint.

According to reports, the boy was initially intimate with only the second born but after the first daughter caught them, she demanded to get same treatment from him in order for her not to report.

In a rather complex twist, while that deal was happening, the last born also saw what they were doing and demanded to also bed the garden boy if she has to keep it a secret.

The three sisters have all given birth for the same man, two girls and a boy, and their strict parents were left with no choice than to accept them after intense counselling. But they still blamed themselves for being too strict towards their daughters.

It was gathered that the gardner instantly lost his job but the girls still send him money out of love.

In reaction to the news, Shehu Sani who was rendered speechless could only muster two words which he used to address the boy.

He reshared ..... and simply wrote; ”Ja’iri” – which is a Hausa word that loosely translates to wrongdoer.


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