Nollywood actress, Mary Njoku has has advised men to learn how to appreciate the chores and works done by their housewives at home.



According to her, housewives mostly perform all the tasks at home without getting paid and some men also refuse to appreciate their wives for their hardworking efforts in keeping the house in order.

She also stated that numerous assertions made by people that a woman’s place is in the kitchen is never accurate and most men have refused to give their wives the necessary credits for their hard work around their home.

She added that should housewives be paid for all the work they do in their homes in their quest to keep their home in order, they would have more money than some bank executives.

See the screenshot below:

In other news, Nigerian musician, Princess Wonda real name Princess Funmilola Fisher has also expressed her sentiments about the influx of complaints made by female entertainers of being harassed by male creatives or industry players.

A number of female creatives in the entertainment industry have complained of being sexually harassed by some male industry players in exchange for favors that would elevate their entertainment brands.

Some claim that some male industry players mostly request for sexual favors in exchange for an assistance they would render to them that would help their craft.

Speaking in an interview on Hitz FM with Andy Dosty on the Daybreak Hitz segment, Princess Wonda stated that there are two ways by which female creatives can get their requests granted by male industry players.

According to her, it is either the female entertainer makes the offer to please the sexual fantasies of her benefactor in exchange for his assistance or they pay them money for their services.

Either ways, she believes that the decision is to be made by the female entertainer and not necessarily blaming the men for asking for such favors.