Nigerian rapper, Superboy cheque has taken to social media to drop his two cents on the reason most Nigerian hip hop rappers are no longer killing it in the game.


According to Cheque, the old hip-hop rappers have failed to recognize the fact that the game and the style of rap have changed so the old rappers need to adapt to the changing times in order to remain relevant.

He called on the old rappers to embrace change even though it comes with its complexities.

He wrote: The reason they say Hiphop is dead in Nigeria is because most heads fail to recognize the vibe has changed , they still wanna rap like it’s 2010 or previous!!!!! Well, it’s 2021 and it’s all Melodies now , Get with the program and help your culture..

..... attracted lots of reactions from netizens as they trooped under the comment section and expressed their views on the subject. Below are some reactions gathered.

@BanascoTroy: Truth be told most Nigerian rappers refused to polish their craft and evolve like what @sarkodie did. I still see @falzthebahdguy @phynofino @MI_Abaga @Iceprincezamani doing the same old stuff. TBH
@LadiPoe: is the future now. Dude got potentials

@vivatofficial: You guys just wanna paint your narrative on people’s mind. MI still vipes with the culture. You just have to be intellectually sound to dish out the vipe of the culture, that’s why it is hard for we to get real MC that can serve it right. vector still holds the bat tight.

@vivatofficial: I think you should watch Nas new song “brunch on Sunday” and listen to what the guy that raised the glass cup said to Nas maybe, you will understand what the real content of rap is. Few serve it right in naija, while Nasty C is the one presently repping the continent.

@FabbyIorwuese: I only listen to hip hop when it’s traditional served in the original form
Is why I Stan Jaga,MI, Vector go listen to them music and realise quality bro

@Toseenl: Change is constant bruh.. you don’t think rap will remain the same over 20 years cmon

@macpherson_01: if you want to do hiphop do hiphop, if you want to do trap do trap. Don’t do trap and identify yourself with hiphop. Get with the program