Sensational songstress, Tems has defended her boss, Wizkid, over his action on stage during their collaborative performance at the O2 Arena on Wednesday.


Wizkid and Tems performed their ‘Essence’ together on stage to over 50,000 music lovers who had thronged the O2 Arena for a good time with their favorite entertainer.

Whilst they were performing, Wizkid who was clad in a fur coat that has generated controversy on social media tried to carry Tems but the latter hesitated as she pushed his hands away from him.

Some people saw the stunt as harassment on Wizkid’s part but Tems addressed the issue whilst doing a performance for her fans pointing to the fact that Wizkid is human just like her and she is grateful to him for all that he has done for her and will always adore him.

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Reacting to the video a user identified as faithyymo wrote;

“…and thats not gonna change” sorry oo but what happened on that stage?..he tried lifting her, no? It sounds like he did something worse, with all the “hes human and I love him and that’s not gonna change”.. watching that clip normally I would have said it is just as embarassing as that moment when you going for a hug while someone only offered handshake..that was all I perceived… watching this now, I’m thinking that she was actually offended and now she’s forgiven him and she’s giving forgiveness speech.. which is weird cuz I dint see anything.. she actually did not need this speech in my opinion.this speech sounds like she forgave him and forgiving means he wronged her.. and if she’s says he did then cool, but I hope she knows she’s implying that by giving speech