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He’ll thank us one day – Nigerian man says as he secures Mexican passport for his newborn baby



A young Nigerian father has revealed via social media that he obtained a Mexican passport for his newborn child.

The man took to his Twitter account @Kingkuti_ , on Sunday 7th of August, 2022 to show off the gift he got for his son.

He said that when the child grows up he would realise the good that was done for him by his parents and wake up one day to thank his parents.

King Kuti said he was very happy with the move he made for his child because he saw it as something to be proud of.

He shared a photo of him putting the passport in his baby’s tiny hands for him to clutch firmly.

”Nothing fit sweet me Pass this.

He would wake up one day to tell us Thank you 🎉🥰” Kuti tweeted.

See how netizens reacted below..

@AyesunILI; Of all countries?

@jidekoma; Yep…of all countries.The above passport gives his son visa free access to over 120 countries in the world including the United States of America. Continue tweeting “of all countries” from your house in Nyanyaa with your green passport.

@Bashir_GS; Nigeria is so done to the extent people are running to Mexico and even becoming citizens 🤦🏻‍♂💔

@OlanrewajuOBAD1; Mexico bawo!!! Oga struggle continue ni ooo. People wey dey go climb U.S. fence everyday. #Nacurse!!!!

@IfyCynthetic; Congrats. For those crying like buusu in the comments, show us the passport your fathers placed in your palms at birth. 🙄

@OseThepeaceful; Some of them don’t even have Nigerian passports 😭

@iamgutsyjames; Mexicans re refugee in the United States…someone balance me real quick …not Mexico God abeg o

@SwtNkechi; Mexicans are real owners of Texas the 4th largest city in America.. Gen.Santa Anna and his men lost their lands through war to Gen. Sam Houston in 1836… They are not refugees in the United States.

While some persons are making moves to leave Nigeria and become citizens of other nations, a Cameroonian man has taken to social media to share his excitement over his recent relocation to Nigeria.

In a video he uploaded online, he revealed that he was moving from Poland to Lagos, Nigeria to search for a better job and peace of mind.

According to the guy, he was finally able to collect his visa and it felt really good moving to the West African nation.

He captured different stages of his trip from when he packed his luggage, to the time a can man was driving him to the airport.

The young lad also made a specific request from an airport official to put a Lagos, Nigeria label on his box.

Another part of the footage showed when he arrived at the Muritala International airport, Lagos and posed for the camera with his luggage.