Nigerian singer, Portable has caused a stir on social media after his throwback photos surfaced online.


Portable really did not always have a plethora of tattoos on his body, nor did he appear pallid and scruffy prior to his recent celebrity status.

Throwback photographs of the rising star from when he was still virtually obscure have surfaced on social media, sparking debate on how he appeared then compared to now.

He had plump cheeks and cleaner, clearer complexion in the throwback photographs circulating online, prompting many followers to point out the dangers and negative effects of narcotics.

People were perplexed when they saw an earlier video of him singing online, and the obvious contrast made them question what had occurred.

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In a related development, Portable Zazu gave his fans more than they anticipated when he stormed the stage to perform.

The singer has so far had smooth sailing with the way his fans have embraced his music regardless of the controversy that recently erupted.

During his performance at a show, the artist left the flat ground and mounted a speaker, according to a video that has gone viral on social media.

Things nearly went wrong when he fell over the speaker, but his followers quickly caught him and placed him firmly in his position.

Portable’s episode has elicited a variety of amusing responses, demonstrating that, despite his disposition, Nigerians adore him.