It seems singer Tekno has hit a jackpot with some huge amount of money as he reveals that money likes him and we wonder how much he could have got or what favor in terms of money he has received that he wants us to know.


Tekno tweeted saying the way money likes him just make him laugh and we wonder how much he has received or what he is trying to tell us by saying money likes him when we know we like money.

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Everyone likes money and works hard towards getting money but according to Tekno, it’s the other way round as money is the one who loves him and not him liking money and we wonder what made him wrote that but it’s obvious it’s about he receiving money he never imagined to receive.

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Tekno works hard to earn whatever he has and also enjoys life a lot as he tries to make good use of the life given him and he tweeting about money liking him means he has received some money he could use for enjoyment or we could probably say he has hit a jackpot.

Almost everyone reacting to his tweet tries to imagine what Tekno is trying to put across but he saying that money likes him gives us the idea that he is going to receive some huge sum of money or he has already received it and he never imagined he could get such amount.

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