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Hamas-linked CAIR’s Jaylani Hussein and Minneapolis’ KMSP



The September 7, 2022 KMSP FOX9 broadcast segment filed by Tom Butler, Alix Kendall, entitled “Mosque Vandalized,” is typical of the TV news reports that feature the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). What is typical is that, outside of handling the publicity, CAIR has nothing to do with this story. CAIR representatives have no inside knowledge, information, or contacts within the Muslim community. They contribute nothing to the story that can’t be gained from the mosque members.

Even though CAIR has nothing to do with this story, KMSP mentions its name four times in the broadcast. This news segment is almost as much about CAIR as it is about the burglary itself. KMSP even cites CAIR as the source for information about the number of mosques that have recently been attacked. Actually, it was the police, not CAIR, who provided that statistic.

CAIR’s reputation as a reliable source of information is completely unjustified. Here is CAIR’s Jaylani Hussein on KMSP telling us that Muslims are “targeted” in America. He said this in connection with an assault on an imam that the police later determined to be a robbery by two teens.

Here is Jaylani Hussein on KMSP saying that he wants to call the police on somebody – during Eid! He seems to have carte blanche to come on TV and say anything no matter how outrageous, or erroneous.

This farcical KMSP segment has Jaylani Hussein giving us his opinion on the hotel attack in Mogadishu. Of course, he doesn’t know anything about this, and ties himself into little pretzels trying not to talk about Islamic terrorism.

Jaylani Hussein believes the greatest threat to the nation and the world is not Islamic jihad terror, but white supremacists. Here he is on KMSP suggesting that the group “Friends of Smith Park” is somehow responsible for the Dar al Farooq bombing.

Although CAIR reps were not present at the time, CAIR was a partner of the Racial Justice Network, the group that descended on the home of Minneapolis Police Federation chief Bob Kroll, where they beat effigies of Kroll and his wife in his driveway. CAIR never condemned this atrocity, and continued to partner with the Racial Justice Network in their campaign to have Bob Kroll fired. CAIR had nothing to do with Bob Kroll or George Floyd.

Here is Jaylani Hussein getting “incredibly upset” over a Catholic priest’s homily. But you will never see CAIR reps confronting an anti-Semitic imam. They just don’t do that.

Far and away CAIR’s best friend at KMSP is Bisi Onile-Ere, who is constantly promoting CAIR and facilitating its attacks on people – here, here, here, and here..

Of course, KMSP can run its business however it wants. And CAIR can continue to run its reputation into the ground. But it is delusional to think that people are not noticing this. Especially after CAIR has attacked them.

This is a diamond-hard news tip supported by hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of videos of TV newscasts – CAIR and TV stations around the country are collaborating in bringing harm to people.