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Hamas-Linked CAIR Tries Michigan Mosque Controversy Before the TV Cameras



The saga between the city of Troy, Michigan, and a local mosque, the Adams Community Center, continues to play out on TV. The mosque is demanding damages after Troy’s zoning laws, which the feds ultimately struck down, held up its construction and opening.

There are many places in the Troy where Muslims can worship.  

There are also several nearby locations for banquets/conventions that Muslims can use.

If Muslims want to legally buy a piece of property, they have that right.

However, Hamas-linked CAIR is trying to make this into an issue of religious discrimination, even though neither U.S. District Judge Nancy Edmunds nor the Troy city council is talking that way.

But there is one thing Troy Mayor Ethan Baker said that should get an award: “We have difficulty sharing what’s happening behind closed doors in legal settlement discussion and posturing, and the other side has been very free with what they’ve said, and we just can’t do that. We’re restricted by statute.”

Yes, that is true. Any time CAIR brings suit in court, it will try its case on TV if the stations will let them, and they almost always do.

CAIR representatives did this against Alaska Air Lines this year. And they did it against McDonald’s when the restaurant served a Muslim family bacon.

Whenever TV stations give CAIR an opportunity to interfere publicly with an ongoing investigation, CAIR will seize it.

CAIR did this with the four officers who restrained George Floyd. Before the trial had begun, CAIR’s Jaylani Hussein started rabble-rousing against the officers standing trial.

CAIR did this with a Henry Ford College professor who was accused of “Islamophobia.” While the school was investigating exactly what had happened, CAIR got on TV to try the case in public.

CAIR did this when a teacher, Tamar Herman, became the subject of a rumor on social media, that she had ripped the hijab off a little girl’s head. Herman received so many threats that she sought police protection. While the school and the police were investigating, CAIR got on TV four times to call for Herman to be fired, thus perpetuating the rumor and further endangering Ms. Herman.

And while the mayor of Minneapolis was struggling to answer questions about the shooting of Amir Locke, Jaylani Hussein stormed the podium to rabble-rouse, even though he had nothing to do with any of it.

CAIR knows that TV newscasts are an effective weapon. It use this firepower to interfere in police investigations and criminal trials, have people fired, and promote itself.

It is about time that the viewing public sees CAIR’s abuse of the media and demands balanced coverage.

“Battle over money looms as Mosque opens in Troy,” ClickOnDetroit, September 16, 2022:

TROY, Mich. – The battle over money looms as a Mosque in Troy is scheduled to open in less than 24 hours.

At first, there was a fight between the Mosque and the City of Troy over whether the house of worship could even open….

Back in March, a federal judge ordered the City of Troy and the leaders of the Adam Community Center to come to an agreement after the city’s zoning laws were found to be in violation of federal law.

The Mosque sued for damages, saying the zoning law cost the Mosque funding.

“The City of Troy has acted egregiously since 2018 with regards to this case,” said Cair Michigan attorney for Mosque Amy Doukoure. “The money that we’re asking for is not excessive. It’s very much in line with settlements that are very recent for the same issues in other cities in the state of Michigan. We’re also asking for actual damages.”

The community center is asking for $1.9 million, citing those other cases in Sterling Heights and Pittsfield Township, where settlements were reached for $1.5 and $1.75 million.

Troy Mayor Ethan Baker says the city won’t agree if the price tag is over a million.

“Certainly, we’re not considering settlement as long as they’re demanding over $1 million in damages, but frankly, there are seven of us on the council, and that’s not just one of our decision to make,” said Baker. “We have difficulty sharing what’s happening behind closed doors in legal settlement discussion and posturing, and the other side has been very free with what they’ve said, and we just can’t do that. We’re restricted by statute.”…

Despite the situation, Baker says he will be at the Mosque Saturday (Sept. 17) afternoon for the grand opening and ribbon cutting.