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Gyakie Shares One Thing Her Future Husband Must Know About Her – Video



Gyakie has shared one thing her future husband must know about her before going into any form of marriage and though it doesn’t suit her, it’s expected of every girl.

Answering some silly questions of King Kwaku Mensa, Gyakie disclosed that she hates ironing and that’s one thing her future husband must be aware of so that he doesn’t end up nagging if she doesn’t do the ironing as expected.

This doesn’t come as a surprise because most ladies don’t like ironing and Gyakie tells her future husband now is the best so he doesn’t get his hopes up when they get married and is expecting her to iron his clothes.

Speaking on who to eavesdrop on his conversation to build herself, Gyakie said that would be Elon Musk because she wants to know how he makes his money and wants to be rich which is understandable because we all want money and needs ways to get it.

video below;