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Green Biden scrambles to boost American oil production after OPEC cuts



Yet another blow to America: OPEC is cutting oil production by two million barrels per day, leaving White House with little option but to walk back its green agenda, following swift denunciations of OPEC for being “shortsighted,” making “a mistake,” supporting Russia, and being self-serving (as if the Biden administration isn’t).

In pursuit of the green agenda, the wrecking-ball Biden administration cancelled the Keystone Pipeline; suspended any new oil and gas leasing and drilling permits for federal land and water; was notoriously anti-fracking; and now, in the face of the OPEC announcement, Biden is running the other way. In sheer desperation, the Biden administration is now “exploring avenues through Congress to respond to the production cut while working to further boost domestic production”; yet again exposing the administration’s inherent shortsightedness. Germany isn’t far behind, now finding itself in such a deep hole that it is turning to the dirtiest option for energy to offset its energy crisis: coal. How much more can it possibly take for populations to wake up and see the globalist agenda for what it is?

“White House blasts Opec saying it is ‘aligning with Russia’ after oil production cut announcement,” by Joe Bowen, Independent, October 5, 2022:

“Opec’s decision to cut productions quotas is short sighted. while the global economy is dealing with the continued negative impact of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine,” said Ms Jeane-Pierre.

“It’s clear that Opec+ is aligning with Russia with today’s announcement,” she added to reporters.

Ms Jean-Pierre did not go as far as to call it a “hostile act” following a question from a reporter, but reiterated that it was a mistake and on its face made in Opec’s own self-interest.

The White House also announced in a separate, longer statement released to journalists that it would be exploring avenues through Congress to respond to the production cut while working to further boost domestic production.

“The President is also calling on U.S. energy companies to keep bringing pump prices down by closing the historically large gap between wholesale and retail gas prices — so that American consumers are paying less at the pump,” read that statement from economic adviser Brian Deese and national security adviser Jake Sullivan.

“In light of today’s action, the Biden Administration will also consult with Congress on additional tools and authorities to reduce Opec’s control over energy prices,” they continued….