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Greek minister accuses Turkey of ‘brutal and immoral weaponization’ of illegal Muslim migrants



Greece can’t look to the European Union for any help with this. The globalist socialists who run the EU want the Muslim migrant inundation.

“Turkey pushing migrants in ‘brutal weaponization’ against Greece – Athens,” Ahval News, September 10, 2022:

Greek Citizens’ Protection Minister Takis Theodorikakos on Saturday accused Turkey of pushing migrants into the neighboring country in a bid to “blackmail Europe and Greece,” Greek newspaper Kathimerini reported.

Turkey is steering the flow of thousands into Greece, it cited Theodorikakos as telling Skai TV, in a  “brutal and immoral weaponization” of undocumented migrants….

Athens, for its part, accuses Ankara of using asylum-seeking migrants as political weapons, saying that it is obliged to stop them covertly entering Greece under an 2016 EU-Turkey deal to stem migration flows.

In August alone, 40,000 irregular migrants attempted to cross into Greece at the Evros border, Theodorikakos said, and since the beginning of the year this number has reached 150,000….

The Jerusalem Post on Friday reported that large numbers of migrants and refugees had begun organizing in Turkey to seek travel to Europe.

The group, with more than 16,000 reported members, comprises of Syrians and Afghans as well as people from other neighbouring countries, with a social media campaign using the name “Convoy of Light (Caravan al-Noor)” to promote the group, it said.